Today was just one of those days you wake and say, “What should we do today?” After a few minutes of deliberating, we decided to head on up to the pier in Santa Monica. Surprisingly, I had never been!

The intention was to check out some of the rides and walk around a bit. Almost immediately getting off the freeway, I could see by the traffic how busy this place was going to be. 🙁 I thought maybe we could avoid some of the crowds by parking further away and without even realizing it at first, we parked in a free lot about 4 blocks away!

No worries though; we love a good walk and figured we’d explore the area a bit on the walk back to the pier. Once we got there, it was pretty insane…people were everywhere. Our first stop was to get tickets for the rides, but sadly, the prices didn’t seem worth it…nor did the wait.

Instead, we ended up at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. to have some dinner. The wait was just about an hour so we headed over to the arcade. There were no free air hockey tables, so we stuck with Deal or No Deal, Skee Ball, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 and Super Mario Bros. It was at this point that I learned that Christina was ok with having our own Super Mario Bros. arcade cabinet in our future home!! Now if we could just get the MK games in there too, that would be awesome.

The food was good and we got to keep our drink glasses which will now go in the collection of Bubba Gump location glassware. I can see many more travels on the horizon to get the whole set! While sitting at the bar, the reality of old age started to set in when I noticed a sign tell patrons that they had to have been born in 1993 to be in the bar…1993?! Damn people, we’re getting up there.

After eating, there wasn’t much else to do so we started walking back and found a group of guys doing some street performing. Much of their show was already over by the time we showed up, but we got a short video clip of some of it.