Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights 2014

I didn’t want to go simply because we were discussing plans to check out the Queen Mary Dark Harbor and/or Knott’s Scary Farm and Universal Studios was $80. But, I was presented with an offer I couldn’t refuse so I took it. Christina’s mom was in town from up near Monterey and she’s a huge fan of The Walking Dead. Because Universal Studios was the only place to see a Walking Dead maze, we just had to go — so she opted to buy our tickets…such an awesome move!

We got there for the early entry line at 6:15pm, but apparently so did everyone else. This place was packed and once we got through security and the gates were opened, we literally got ushered in like cattle. Our first stop was to pick up a wheel chair of some sort due to her mom’s recent knee surgery. However, the event seemed to be poorly laid out at first. Because they were trying to empty the park of its regular guests for the day at the same time we were trying to get in, it was a mess. We actually had to walk all the way in, find an employee and then get escorted back to the front of the park to get what we needed. Ughh.

Eventually, the place widened up and we were off and running.

The Terror Tram

Terror Tram - Walking DeadFiguring that this attraction would be one of the more popular things to see (as well as the one that closed the earliest), we decided to stop here first. The wait was listed as only 30 minutes, but because we got a motorized wheel chair, we got to take the express bus instead. We were all slightly confused because we were under the impression that riding on the tram was part of the experience.

I think most people assume that the Studio Tour attraction would be the same for Halloween, just with the added monsters and other scares. However, this is most certainly NOT the case. As one employee was quoted saying, “They shouldn’t call it the Terror Tram; they should call it the Terror Taxi.”

What they do is put you on the tram (or in our case, the bus) and shuttle you down to the backlot area for a special walkthrough. Unlike all the other mazes which are in various show buildings, this one takes place near the original Psycho house, the Bates Motel set and the wrecked plane site from The War of the Worlds film. So being able to walk around on the sets was pretty cool, but that still doesn’t excuse them from using the tram ride as bait.

This year’s Terror Tram was being haunted by The Walking Dead.

Jurassic Park In The Dark

The next spot was chosen simply because the line was only 10 minutes long. By this point, everything else was starting to gain 30+ minute wait times. Obviously nobody wanted to get wet on a cool autumn night, so naturally we did it.

This ride never fails. It’s as peaceful as Pirates of the Caribbean and as violent as Splash Mountain, so we had a blast. What made it more fun was that middle-of-the-ride thought of why are we doing this, but it wasn’t too bad. Most people expect to get wet on the final drop, but this ride will be sure you’re wet before you even get there.

Sadly there are no scares on this ride during Halloween. When we got off, we decided to go get some food and then check out the mazes.

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Front of the Line

The Walking Dead maze was the only real thing we came here to see so we got in the long line. However we got pulled out because an employee said that we wouldn’t be able to take the electric chair down the hill to get to the lower lot. He said we were to pick up a return pass for each maze we wanted to see. It works like this: if the maze you want has an hour wait, then you get issued a return pass to go see the maze an hour later. Essentially you would have to wait the same amount of time, but just not in line.

We found a really nice girl that was handing these passes out and she hooked us up for sure! She gave us three passes since the top three mazes were all down in the same area. The hook up came in the style of giving us an immediate time for each one! We headed down the hill on our VIP bus and walked straight onto all three mazes.

To put that into perspective, the wait times for just these three mazes was about five hours!! We did all three in less than 30 minutes.

After that, we were all burned out of walking up and down hills, squeezing through crowds and just the overall craziness of the whole night so we decided to head home.