Coachella Tickets for 2015 Advanced Sales – SOLD Out

Just after Coachella 2014 ended, it was announced that tickets for 2015 would be going on sale today. Christina had mentioned to me before that she has been wanting to go to this festival for some time now and even told me a story about how she tried buying Coachella tickets one year, but the billing process got screwed up or something and ultimately her order ended up being cancelled. I for one am not too keen on the musical lineup for Coachella nor do I really have any interest in the artsy parts of the show, BUT what I did find interesting was the multi-day festival concept and the ability to camp on-site.

I’ve never been to one so I decided to try and get tickets to next year’s festival. This blog post is part one of many that will cover our Coachella 2015 Experience.

Advanced Coachella Tickets

From all accounts I’ve read prior to this day, I expected the prospect of actually getting tickets to be somewhat low — probably not as troublesome as acquiring Burning Man tickets, but tough nonetheless.

To prepare, I setup access to the advanced sale website on three different computers as well as my phone. I then stayed in contact via text messaging with Christina and her friends who were all trying to get tickets as well. When 10am hit, I began reloading the web pages. It took a minute or so for the site to load anything, but once on, I was immediately placed into the waiting room on all devices.

Sadly, I learned later that the waiting room was just a holding cell that FrontGate Tickets puts you into to keep people from crashing the web servers. Supposedly based on a first come, first serve process, you would then be moved to the shopping page where you can add your ticket(s) and other additional items for purchase. And after all that waiting and feeling of hope, you still weren’t guaranteed any tickets!!

In other words, you had to move and move quick.


After waiting for nearly 45 minutes, I finally got out of the waiting room on one device and was able to add tickets to the first weekend along with a car camping pass. I began the checkout process, but after clicking submit, I was presented with a sold out error message. Feeling beaten, I attempted to re-load the page and was told the only option left was to get weekend 2 tickets. I even tried to get those and was still given an error message during checkout.

I was frantically texting everyone in the loop asking whether anyone had gotten through, but all I kept hearing were tales of woe. It seemed we weren’t getting advance tickets this time around. The main reason I wanted this to go well was because they offer the monthly payment option on advanced sales only. Given the high cost of going to Coachella these days, it was the better option.

Success After All

Coachella tickets successTo my surprise, the second computer I was using had still been in the waiting room while I was dealing with the chaos above and shortly thereafter, it got out of the waiting room and onto the checkout page. I figured I’d give it another go and wouldn’t you know it?!

I secured two Coachella tickets for Weekend 1 and a car camping pass to match.

Other than seeing the total price, I was pretty stoked and immediately began bragging to telling everyone in our group conversation about my success!

With that said, stay tuned for future posts as we get closer to April 10th, 2015!