Coachella 2015 – Day 2 – First day and night of the festival

Day 2 of Coachella 2015 started out ok other than the fact that almost all of us woke up with headaches. I realized at this point we were not off to a good start given that we hadn’t even spent much time out in the sun yet. Despite how the group felt, we were woken up by everyone playing beer pong and other drinking games.

Christina and I decided to cook some makeshift breakfast burritos using our eggs and bacon, but the cheap pan we used basically burned the eggs and we had a hard time getting them unstuck. Regardless, they tasted pretty good and also made us feel better not having to spend $9 to buy one over at the food tents. COACHELLA TIP #4: Bring food if you’re camping. Bring a way to cook food. And make sure you have enough! After killing time drinking and eating, we decided to mosey on down to the festival around noon and the first stop we made was…to get more beer! This time we ended up at the Heineken House, which was basically a tent setup with a bar (beer only), a dance floor, dj booth and an outdoor patio with water misters and another bar. The first artist we saw was Craze. I recorded a short video you can check out.

The Music

Coachella 2015 Sahara stageThe first scheduled group we saw was a duo by the name of Peking Duk over at the Sahara Stage. They opened with the hiphop group, OverDoz and by all accounts, it looked like the crowd was larger than expected for that time of day. We were just settling in and these guys really got everyone pumped up for what was to come throughout the day.

I kept thinking to myself that if the crowds stay this nice, it might not be so bad afterall!

The next performance we planned to see was R3hab at 7:10pm so we spent the next few hours just walking around and looking at stuff and people watching. We ended up spending quite a bit of our time at the craft beer venue paying $10 a beer while charging our cell phones. Once R3hab came on stage, we were back over at the Sahara Stage to get our feel of the heavy bass. Call me a wimp, but I had my earplugs in the entire time because I would have gone crazy if I had to listen to that loud music all day and then expect to hear anything in the morning! COACHELLA TIP #5: Save your ears. You may not realize the effects now, but when you’re older, you’ll appreciate being able to hear. I recorded two short clips of R3hab so you can get an idea of what we were standing in. R3hab clip one and R3hab clip two are over on YouTube right now.

My main interest in music here at Coachella 2015 was mostly the little amount of rock music they actually had. Although I like house music, it’s mostly just background for when I’m working on a project or something. Christina loves this stuff though and we both had a blast just checking out the various artists, djs, groups and random performances that could be found all over Coachella. Before the highlight of my night came on at 10:35pm, we saw the likes of DJ Snake, Peter Robinson, Kiesza and Nero.

And then AC/DC took the main stage!

Sadly my feet, legs and back were KILLING me by the time we made our way over to the stage. COACHELLA TIP #6: Sit down and relax as much as possible. Standing and walking all day is tough no matter how comfortable your shoes and clothes are. I ended up only staying for 5 songs because I just couldn’t stand there any longer. I wasn’t too worried about missing this performance because I have floor tickets to their Dodger stadium show in September. Also, the huge advantage we had heading back to camp sooner than everyone else was that we were able to take showers without waiting. After AC/DC ended, the shower lines were almost 2 hours long!