Coachella 2015 – Day 3 – Second day and night of the festival

We survived the first festival day of Coachella 2015 and I have to say it was sooo much fun!! Today we broke free from the group for a little bit since nobody seemed that interested in seeing Bad Religion…I know, I couldn’t believe it either! Anyway, this worked out well because we kind of wanted to do our own thing anyway.

Bad Religion and Joaquin Phoenix

The plan was to see Bad Religion, chill out for a bit and then re-visit with two friends to see Hozier. Bad Religion came on at 3:25pm and we got there early enough to secure a rather close spot against the fence. This was key for me because I didn’t want to kill my back again for later tonight. I must say that after 35 years of playing music, these guys are just as good as they ever were!

Joaquin Phoenix lookalikeSadly at the very end of their set, whoever was in charge of sound literally turned the volume down on the whole stage because it seems that Bad Religion went a little over their time. Don’t get me wrong, I understand strict set times, but I mean we’re talking about a minute maybe! They didn’t even have enough time to thank the crowd and say goodbye! Anyway, we made our way out of that crowd and found our way back to the craft beer place for more drinks and some juice for our phones. While we’re standing there, this dude walks up to charge his phone and I’m not sure if it was because I had too much to drink or I was right on the money, but this guy looked remarkably close to a scruffy looking Joaquin Phoenix! Take a look at this picture and tell me what you think!

Anyway, we left here to go meet our friends back at the main stage where Hozier was playing. Naturally, we couldn’t find them so we stayed for a bit to check out what other songs Hozier plays besides Take Me To Church, but honestly we didn’t hear anything we really liked. COACHELLA TIP #7: Find meeting places for you and your friends. Wear bright colors or get yourself a totem to carry around so they can find you in crowds.

In preparation for tonight, we opted to go back to the campsite.

Our Final Night

Coachella 2015While not the final night of the festival, it was our last night since we weren’t staying through the afternoon tomorrow. Back at camp, we ate dinner and had some more drinks while chatting about life, religion and raising children with a couple others at camp.

Slowly, people from our group start filtering back into camp and after a few drinks, we headed out once again. On the docket tonight was Duke Dumont, Deorro, Flosstradamus and The Weeknd. It was off to the Sahara Stage where we caught the tail end of Duke Dumont and the majority of Deorro. Our goal was head on over to Flosstradamus and since he overlapped with Deorro, we had to find our way out of a MASSIVE crowd!

While watching Flosstradamus, I could hear Jack White playing over on the main stage and part of me wanted to go over there and watch, but once again, I was so burned out I didn’t even want to move. Eventually we did make our way over to the main stage to see The Weeknd, but sadly that performance was nothing to get excited about so we left.

We went back to camp again and this time Christina had enough, so she knocked out before the rest of us! I stayed up for a bit, but eventually the bed was looking too comfortable to pass up. Another successful day of Coachella 2015 under our belts.