Coachella 2015 – Day 4 – Third and last day of the festival

The last day of Coachella 2015 has come and it’s bitter sweet. On one hand, we’ve had such a great time hanging out with friends and drinking/partying in the desert (read that as ‘being away from work’), but on the other hand, the harsh climate and expensive cost of maintaining our bodies was starting to wear us down. We already knew we were leaving earlier than most people mainly because I had to work on Monday, so we decided to pack everything up as early as we could before going into the festival for the last time.

Once our campsite was broken down and carefully packed into the car, we walked to the festival by ourselves and decided to spend the next few hours alone and away from the rest of the group. Not only was it difficult to manage keeping 15+ people together as we migrated from stage to stage, but keeping track of every performance that everyone wanted to see became a nightmare.


It seemed that people arrived to festival later and later each day and today was by far the best in terms of light crowds. We got inside around 1pm and it was practically empty. There was also nobody on Sunday’s setlist that we really cared to see except for Gesaffelstein, but they weren’t going on until 9:15pm and we’d be long gone by then. Instead we just walked aimlessly around, stopped off for a beer at the Heineken House, rode a cell phone-charging see-saw, watched Alf Alpha play at the Sahara Stage and then ate some really expensive burgers (courtesy of Eureka!) at the craft beer venue.

After eating, we walked around some more and took a stroll down to the main festival grounds to take some more pictures. Around 3pm, we decided to head back to the campsite, hop in the car and take off. Interestingly, we needed a security escort by a couple of guys in golf carts. I guess they didn’t want us joyriding around the campground or something. Once out of the campground, we were off toward home. We beat the traffic and the crowds and we got home with plenty of time to decompress. We were also able to continue watching the live feed of Coachella on YouTube! All in all, it was such a blast!