After lounging around 2nd Street much of the day, we decided to head on down to The Pike in Long Beach. We brought Nina with us since we were all looking to grab some grub and a few drinks somewhere.

As usual, we didn’t really have a plan and we knew it would probably be busy down there since the Long Beach Pride event¬†was finishing up their weekend. We ended up at Rock Bottom and got an insane plate of nachos to split between the three of us!

After that, we just walked down to restaurant row down at the shoreline to catch a glimpse of the Queen Mary and take some pics of the sunset. My fascination with sailing ships drew me to the Tole Mour which is a training vessel. I’ve seen it down there in port before, but I never knew what it was. Thanks to the vast wisdom of Wikipedia, you can read all about here!

Lastly, we made a stop over at The Dubliner which was a favorite hotspot of all of ours back in the day. I used to joke with Christina about probably having seen her there many times, but we never knew each other! Now, going there brings back so many memories…we had a beer and went home after this. Tomorrow, it’s back to the grind!